Top Best Exercises For Flat Belly

Top Best Exercises For Flat Belly

A flat and well-defined belly is now what defines beauty and fitness. It has become a national obsession and as such all sorts of information and misinformation is cropping up everywhere on the internet and magazine on what to do to get flat abs.

In extreme cases, people are asked to go on unbelievable diets to get flat abs. Books pop up and gadgets that promise to give you flat abs in 7 days without you lifting a muscle abounds. Marketers are having a field day.

There is no single exercise that will burn belly fat. Instead, what you have is different exercises with a different tempo that will help you get rid of belly fat.

You think most people will know after 5 failed attempts of the instant promise, but no, we fall for the next one that promises to be better than the last.

What I am sharing with you today are the exercises that have worked for me and my clients. They all have one thing in common – They burn fat everywhere and that includes your abs to give your a flatter belly and well defined all over body shape.

They involve cardio, strength training and yoga. I do strength training 3 times a week and cardio 3 times and have I day rest. It has not only helped me to lose belly fat but it has helped me to maintain my shape.

# 1 Plank hip dips

Plank is one of the best total body, low impact workout that I love. It becomes more interesting when you add the hip dips

Where it works

Your oblique (the sides of your abs), your shoulder, arms, legs and it tightens your butts

How to do it

  • Get into a plank position
  • Twist your hip from side to side and let it touch the ground with each dip
  • Keep your abs engaged throughout the dip
  • Go for 10 reps. Two sides count as I rep

# 2 Jumping jacks

Where it works – Total body workout

  1. Stand with your feet together with your hands down by your side.
  2. In one motion jump your feet out to the side and raise your arms above your head.
  3. Immediately reverse that motion by jumping back to the starting position.

# 3 Jump squat

Where it targets – Total body workout

  1. Place your hands by your side and stand with your feet hip-width apart.
  2. Push your hips back and bend your knees until your thigh are nearly parallel to the floor.
  3. Keeping your chest up, jump as high as you can then immediately lower into a squat and jump again for the next rep.

The jump squat burns fat, tones your abs and develops your butt muscle.

# 4 Kettle bell workouts

There are lots of exercises you can do with kettle bell but my preferred kettle bell workout is kettle bell around the world swing. This is a great core exercise

Where it works Abs, shoulder and butts

How to do it

Kettle bell around the world swing
  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart
  • Engage your abs, keep your shoulder back, chest up and look straight ahead
  • Hold the kettle bell with both hands in front of you
  • Then release the bell to your right hand, rotate around your hip to your back
  • Move your left hand to the back at the same time and receive the kettle bell from the right hand
  • Rotate the bell to the starting position in front and hand over to the right hand again
  • That is one rep. Do 10 reps and then reverse the position

Tip – Always engage your abs and lower back

# 5 Squat with barbell

Where it targets – Your butts, abs and thighs

How to do it

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart with the barbell on your back
  • Engage your abs, inhale and squat as if here is a chair behind you, and you want to sit on it
  • Go as low as is comfortable for you but if you can aim to go down till your buttocks drops below your knee crease
  • Keep your chest up towards the sky
  • Press through our heels and drive your hips forward and straight up
  • That is one rep. Go for 10 reps.
  • If you are new to barbells go with smaller weight first and progress with caution


# 6 Step ups

Where it targets: Your butts, hamstring and abs

How to do it

Step up
  • If you do not have a stepping board, any stable and elevated surface or your staircase can do the job
  • Stand straight behind your board with your tummy tucked in and tight. Shoulders back.
  • Step on the board with your right leg, Lift your left leg behind you with knees straight.
  • Squeeze your butts and lower your left leg.
  • Bring the right leg down and repeat with the left leg. You can use dumbbells to make it more challenging.

Do it for 5 minutes.

# 7  Russian twists

images (40).jpg

Where it works

Your abs and oblique’s

How to do it

  • Sit with your legs bent
  • Your feet should be flat on the floor and hip width apart
  • Hold the kettle bell with both hands at your chest
  • Lean back to about 45 degree and engage your abs
  • Rotate your upper body, twist your hip and swing the kettle bell across your from  left to right
  • Maintain good form and do as many reps as possible

 # 8 Mountain climbers

The mountain climber is another of my favorite full body low impact workout that burns fat and whittles your waistline

Where it targets

Your abs, legs and upper arms

How to do it

  • Get into a plank position.
  • There should be a straight line from the crown of your head to your heels
  • Engage your abs
  • Draw your left knee into your chest by using your abdominal muscles. Do not let it touch the floor
  • Do not twist your hips. Maintain core control
  • Extend your left leg back into plank position and immediately repeat on your right leg

That is one rep

Do 10 reps

You can get more out of this workout for strength and flexibility by increasing the speed of your leg motion.

Proper form is the key


# 9 standing pelvic tilts

Where it targets

Your abs, pelvic, lower back

How to do it

  • Stand with legs hip width apart
  • Make your buttocks stick out by arching your lower back
  • Your pubic bone should face the ground
  • Reverse
  • Flatten the bottom of your lower back
  • Tuck your buttocks under
  • Your pubic bone should be facing up.

# 10 Standing side crunch

Where it targets

Your oblique (sides of your abs) abs

How to do it

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width distance apart
  • Your toes should point forward.
  • Pull your stomach muscles in toward your lower back to engage your core
  • Place both hands behind your head with your elbows pointing out to the sides.
  • Rest your head in your hands rather. Do not pull your head to avoid strain to your neck.
  • Your right toe should be pointing outward to your right.
  • Raise your right knee to hip level and at the same time lower your right elbow so they meet in one fluid movement.
  • Do 20 reps and then switch to your left for another 20 reps

# 11 Circles in the sky

Where it targets

Your legs, core, thighs, legs

How to do it

  • Lie on your back with your hands behind your head
  • Engage your abs and lift your upper body slightly off the ground.
  • Keep your right leg on the floor it and lift your left leg straight up toward the sky.
  • Keeping your core engaged and hips stable, make 10 imaginary circles with your entire left leg.
  • Do another 10 reverse circling
  • Lower your right leg and switch to your left

# 12 The Woodchopper

Where it targets

Your glutes, abs, oblique’s, butts and arms

How to do it

  • Stand with feet hip width apart
  • Hold a dumbbell, kettle bell,  weight plate or ball
  • Squat and twist right to hold the dumbbell on the outside of your right ankle.
  • Exhale, and lift the weight diagonally across your left shoulder, with your torso twisted to the left and the dumbbell above your head. Pivot on your right foot as needed.
  • Control the weight back up to the starting position
  • That is one rep.
  • Even though the movement requires force, it should be a controlled movement. D o not swing your arms or the weight.
  • Do 20 and switch sides

# 13 Bridge

Where it targets

Your abs, hips, butts and thigh

How to do it

  • Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor hip-width apart,
  • Place your arms relaxed at your sides.
  • Lift your butts off the floor, pushing with your heels
  • Your body will look like a straight line from your knees to your shoulders.
  • Do not tighten your shoulders
  • Squeeze your butts and abs and hold for two – three seconds,
  • Take two – three seconds to slowly lower back to the floor

Remember that abs are not just made with exercise but also with good nutrition. Combine the two and you will see visible results in little time.

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